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Download CasmEdit 2.0.8 setup

Download CasmEdit 2.0.8 portable

Video for PSR-550 users

New features:


Version 2.0.8


 * Saving the number of the changed MIDI channel

 * Redrawing the MBT on insertion

 * Changing the Name edit in the CASM editor

 * Opening a file via DragDrop

 * Search by text

 * Disabling the use of the skin

 * Disable gradient fill


Download CasmEdit 2.0.0

New features:


Version 2.0.0


 * Working under Windows 7..10

* Skins

 * CASM constructor (Drag&Drop CASM editor)

   Use F1 to see help about new features




Download CasmEdit 1.24

New features:


Version 1.24


 * Changed styleplayer

 * Improved view




Download CasmEdit 1.23

New features:


Version 1.23


 * CNTT editor (double click on Cntt field)

 * Fast loading

 * Loading progress

 * Font select in MIDI and in CASM editor

 * Defining of SFF2 file format (not possible to edit yet)





Download CasmEdit 1.22

New features:


Version 1.22


 * Some bugs fixed




Download CasmEdit 1.21

New features:


Version 1.21


* Fixed some visualization problems in Casm Editor when use select/unselect

* Improved view under WinXP

* Text "Yamaha" is removed

* Any Markers Main*,FillIn*,Break* ... and so on will be used for creation of  CASM sections (* - any text)




Download CasmEdit 1.20

New features:

Version 1.20


* Visual support for READ ONLY option for CASM strings

* Additional TYROS file extension support

* Improved windows coloring

* Some bugs fixed

* Buttons panels are sizeable



Download CasmEdit 1.19

New features:

Version 1.19


* TYROS support: *.bcs, *.prs, *.sst files can be opened and saved

* New CASM data called "Cntt" can be changed and saved (or removed)

* In Casm Edit Window the table colimns with is saved

* Command line tool is improved

* Import and Export windows are modified (additional style data)



Download – How to use CasmEdit in German, created by Fitz Eva (Jan 2005)



Additional Language files for CasmEdit:

German  created by Fitz Eva (full support of ver 1.19)

Spain  created by Antonio Clemente Paluch

Portugues  created by Antonio Clemente Paluch

Hungarian  created by Mezei ZoltАn

Dutch  created by Pieter C Tabbernee


            This files can be used for any version of CasmEdit...

How to install a language file:


Dowload a language file


Place the file at the same directory where CasmEdit.exe is located


Start CasmEdit


In main menu select Setup


Click on Language


Click on language you want to select


Press OK


Close CasmEdit


Next start you will have fully nationalized CasmEdit version…